Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad

Clean Phone Storage

Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad is one of the most advanced yet easy to use phone cleaner app, it allows you to optimize your device's storage using different modules that I'll describe here.

Photos / Videos Cleaner

For cleaning media files such as photos and videos the app provides you several modes.

The program deserves to be at the forefront of the main screen.

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Contacts Cleaning

Starting from version 1.3, Phone Cleaner started supporting Contacts Cleaning. Expanding and diversify its phone cleaning options.

The mode provides 2 main abilities to clean contacts and organizing them. The first one is the Merge Duplicated Contacts feature, you will see all the contacts that has multiple occurrences in your phone's address book and you'll have the ability to merge them fast. The seconds contact cleaning ability is the empty contacts finder, it will list you all the empty contacts in your phone and you'll be able to swipe to remove them. Easy.

Ad Blocker for Web Cleaning

For those who want to clean the websites from ads in the Safari web browser, they can use this mode easily. This mode is available only on the Full Version.

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